Cairo Capital Developments

Who we are?

Cairo capital developments is a criterion mark in high profile real estate sector with a mindset of
‘Performance not promises’.
CCD is a construction company that started its work in Cairo in 2016 after achieving unprecedented
projects in Saudi Arabia. CCD came with over 20 years of experience in real estate in Saudi Arabia in
Residential & administrative, technical specification, high-quality constructions, solely on construction,
and a solid history in constructing strong, trendy properties.
Depending on this, CCD stated a goal of transferring new technologies and techniques in construction
and features inspired by well-known names in the industry to Egypt, equipped with a massive land
banking quota.

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Land Bank
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CCD aims to support customers with relaxing, modern, minimalist, luxurious, super private, countryside
air residential units in the heart of most urban locations in west Cairo and be surrounded by each mall,
service, entertainment spot a man would ask for.
CCD is keen on providing superior full-service with the in-depth market knowledge and ethical practices.
CCD looks for being a market leader in the real estate industry in Egypt.

Our vision

Our vision

To be:
The NO.1 option when a person looking for housing units in west Cairo.
A gnarled competitor among construction companies in west Cairo, especially sheikh zayed city.
A Reliable source of market information and advice.

Our Philosophy

Value: Well planned and organized to deliver value for your money and when it comes to comparison,
We strive to provide customers with a broken bargain.
Modernization: By hiring architects and designers with a focus on the future and always hunting
New in construction.
Making improvements: Instead of making excuses for things that might annoy our customers we create
Creative solutions to provide a more comfortable and luxurious life.

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