Cairo Capital for Real Estate Development announced the completion of the marketing of nearly 80% of the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project, and plans to finish marketing the entire project during 2022. Cairo Capital Real Estate Development aims to achieve one billion pounds of contractual sales in the Lake West project in the heart of 6 October City.

Cairo Capital Real Estate Development has previously contracted with Techno Vision to market the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project with a new technology through which the customer can live with the unit he chooses and for the entire project based on new technology that is being introduced for the first time in the real estate market.

Techno Vision is a company specialized in developing the latest innovative digital marketing methods, using the latest technical means in the embodiment of major projects with 5D technologies, a technology that allows the creation of an interactive surrounding environment that allows the user to roam within the project and simulate virtual reality at all times and similar circumstances. to reality.

Yasser Khalaf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cairo Capital for Real Estate Development, has previously stated that the West Cairo area enjoys a strong and real demand for various residential segments, and the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project is characterized by its unique location and diverse spaces that meet the needs of the target customers. He also stressed that the president’s decision not to Marketing the project except after implementing 30% of it is one of the decisions that maintain the strength of the Egyptian real estate market, preserve clients’ investments, and prevent the presence of companies that are not serious in the market. With the expansion of the projects implemented by the state today, it is better to put more controls to protect this huge sector.

Cairo Capital has already started the construction works of the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project, which is one of the factors that enhance the company’s credibility with its clients and contribute to attracting a larger number of clients. Implementation of the project according to the specified dates.

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